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Stainless Steel Gratings

We Manufacture Stainless Steel Gratings of various sizes and specifications. The raw materials used for manufacturing of gratings shall confirmed to AISI 304/ AISI316 OR 309, OR as per your requirement.

Manufacturing Process : The gratings are assembled and welded as per specifications. For finishing purpose the gratings shall be acid washed & electro-polished to achieve the best finishing.


Transformer and Reactor Gratings


Electroforged Gratings

Electroforged Grating are manufactured by by PLC controlled equipment which combine high hydraulic pressure more than 100 tones and high electric current approx 2200 AMPS to Fuse the cross& bearing bar in to a Seamless Joint.
The electro forging processes eliminates any crack or open joint. The strength of bearing bar is also retained .The square twisted bar (cross bar) provides excellent anti skid property.

We offer you advantage of speedier deliveries, almost 0% deviation / defects for the perfect grating for your requirement.
The process in Brief : Fusion of Bearing bar to cross bar by heat process by high electrical current where no welding is required & the cross bars are heat infused into bearing bars giving the customer a seamless product, aesthetically pleasing & Metallurgical strength to meet the load capacities for the end use of the grating.


Welded / Custom Made Gratings

Made from Mild Steel , S.S , Aluminum. We offer all the above material handmade gratings as per customer. Drawings with required Cut Outs. The Sizes We Fabricate range from Width : 250 mm upto 1200 mm & lengths as required by user.

Our standard Gratings are
  • Light Duty : made from 25 x 3 mm Load bearing bars
  • Medium Duty : 30 x 3 & 30 x 5 mm Bearing Bars
  • Heavy Duty : 40 x 5 , 65 x 5 bearing Bars
  • Extra Heavy Duty : 200 x 20 load bearing